Mangalam WIRESAFE FRLS electrical conduit is very light in weight compared to other materials and reasonable in terms of cost. These are available in three different wall thicknesses with the thin-wall variety being suitable for embedded use.


Fire is one of the major hazards to life and property, and electrical installations are perhaps one of the primary sources for the generation and propagation of fire. Protection of cables and raceways against fire is, therefore, an important and primary consideration in the design and industry standards. WIRESAFE FRLS electrical conduit is also preferred over other materials because it is very light in weight and economical. These are available in three different wall thicknesses ranging from 1.3mm to 2.7mm. The thin-wall variety is suitable for embedded use in concrete and heavier grades are suitable for direct burial and exposed work. These pipes and fittings resist moisture and most corrosive substances. Joints to fittings are made with slip-on solvent welded connections, which stick rapidly on assembling and attain full strength in about a few hours.


WireSafe FRLS electrical conduit pipes are manufactured in accordance with Bureau of Indian Standards specifications IS:9537 (Part-3) in the range of 20 mm to 32 mm with light, medium, and heavy range and fittings confirming with IS:3419


WireSafe FRLS electrical conduit pipes and fittings is available in Ivory color.

Feature & benefits

Easy Wiring

Fire Resistant

No Maintenance

Easy to Install

Non Conductive

High Durability

Light Weight

Environmental Impact

High Mechanical Strength

High Corrosion Resistance

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